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Terms and Conditions

All owners will have to give permission and sign a consent form to allow dogs off the lead and only if the dogs are obedient can be set free. If they are to be kepted on the lead it will be extendable to give proper exercise.

Treats will only be given with permission by the owners.

Dog walking and pet care services is a registered company with fully insured with public liability.

In the case of a medical emergency veterinary treatment will be sought and all cost will be be paid by the owners. urgent attempts to let owners know will be made at the earliest opportunity.

The owners have full responsibility to ensure all collars are correctly fitted to ensure no slipping off and escaping.

Also it is legal responsibility all dogs wear a collar with owners identification at all times.

Dog walking and pet care services will make sure on return that all dogs are comfortably with a drink and will make sure they are dried off if they are wet.

All dogs have to be up to date with their vaccinations as we can not walk them without this requirement.

Bitches in season will not be walked with other dogs in public places.

We also need to know if your dog is aggressive towards any animals or people if for some reason a dog does become aggressive while with us we may terminate your contract straight away without notice.

If any of the agreed days and times cannot be met, or in case of cancellation at least 48 hours notice will to be given and the same is required by the owner.

Should the cancellation be LESS than 48 hours 50% of the payment will be required and LESS than 24 hours ALL payment is required.

As we value our customers we are now asking that dogs walked on irregular and regular bases that for holidays etc that we ask half the amount of money be paid each week so that we keep your slot for your dog and it will never be replaced with another dog , this way we are all kepted happy.

 4 weeks notice of holidays booked is required and also by the owner this will give plenty of notice for replacement cover.

The same will be required for termination of contract of which is required by letter or email.

As valid customers I will always try to cover a weekend but this has to be arranged 2/3 weeks in advance as I love time with my family and to go away with my own dogs so please always ask and if I can I will always try to help out but please beware that this service will cost more at weekends.