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My King Charles Cavaliers are the most funny and entertaining of my dogs. They make wonderful pets and love sitting on laps being stroked and being made a fuss of.

I took in a cavalier about 8 years ago as a rescue and my daughter loved him so much but he was old and time took its toll. My daughter missed him so much I went and brought her another one, that one is Tia the tri/colour. She is beautiful and she won best looking dog in show!

Then I rescued Lexi the Blenheim, and yet again another smashing well behaved friendly dog. She fitted in so well with my family and of course all my other animals, i'm so lucky that they let me have her she's beautiful.

Then came Ollie the Black/Tan, he is my daughters as she loves the male ones and I must say he is lovely!

Tia has had a litter about 2 years ago and they were beautiful pups so I may just have another litter as people always ask as they love Tia so much.

I will update should Tia have pups as I'm sure you will agree they are so very sweet!

Tri cavalier pups owned by dog walking and pet care services Royston herts and villages. She is stunning and means the world to me. The friendliest little dog I know.

This is Tia my eldest Female cavalier ,she's my baby!

She is so sweet and loving.

On the 26/11/2015 I lost

my faithful friend Tia.

Black and Tan Cavalier called Ollie owned by Dog walking and pet care services Royston herts. Ollie is a great dog and produced the most beautiful litter of pups with Tia.

This is handsome Ollie my Male so beautiful.

Lexi my king Charles cavalier

Lexi my other female cavalier, she's loves nothing more than to sit on my lap for cuddles.