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Golden Retrievers and our Pups.

I have owned Golden Retrievers for over 30 years and they are the most wonderful of breeds for all types of family they are friendly, loving and very faithful. They love being part of the family and they fit very well in to very day life. Owing a retriever is the most wonderful thing in life, their nature is out of this world and I love mine with all my heart.

Its with a heavy heart i no longer breed retrievers as i lost my boy Hartley in lockdown march 2020.

I will keep this page on my site in loving memory of Hartley and his beautiful pups he produced.

My family of retrievers at Dog walking and pet care services

This is my family of my beautiful golden retrievers

My stud dog Hartley he stays with us at dog walking and pet care services Royston herts. Hartley has fathered lots of the pups I have brought into this world and I'm very proud of him and my pups.

This is my handsome stud boy he is a very loveable dog and produces some wonderful pups.

I have all the health checks done before breeding my girls to make sure they produce brilliant pups as i'm very proud of my dogs and people come back again and also pass my name on to other people who would like to have one of my pups, and of course i feel very very proud to have a good reputation when it involves my dogs and puppies.

I do have litters available sometimes so this page is dedicated to the pups i may have for sale so this page will be updated should pups come available.

My dogs are all healthy before breeding and with all the problems with hips/eyes and elbows I have all my retrievers x/rayed for these tests. But even with all the tests done there is never a guarantee that sometimes things do go wrong.

However it should be borne in mind that because heredity is not the only factor involved, there is still a chance of parents with normal hips throwing a puppy with hip dysplasia.

I always tell new owners not to over exercise pups as their bones are still growing and this can also effect hips along with the wrong diet, I give all new owners a care sheet for pups that explain how to give the pup the best start in life so hopefully your pup will grow into a healthy dog.

I also give a written agreement that if anything is wrong with my pups within 14 days I will refund all monies and I will always take my pup back so if your situation changes you will not sell pup on but comes back to me the breeder.

Golden Retriever Pups for sale in royston herts at dog walking and pet care services.

Murphy sitting (2) at Dog walking and pet care services

This is Murphy one of my pups ..he's such a handsome boy!

Murphy is nearly a year old now.

Alfie my pup who live at Dog walking and pet care services

This is Alfie one of my pups I have kepted he's about 17 weeks , he's such a loveable dog and funny with his bib on!