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My Beautiful Cats and Kittens I have owned and brought up and made sure they have loving caring homes.

The kittens they have had have been so lovely and people always come round and see them and they are never short of a lovely home. If for some reason their situation changes I will always take them back and help rehome them should I have too, this has never happened but I will always tell the new owners so I know they are not going somewhere I wouldn't want them to go.

I have a Red and white Ragdoll called Lola and a maine coon named Poppy, they are both lovely indoor cats but poppy does like the garden and has a little stroll. Lola is still only a kitten so she stays in and only plays in the garden on her harness!

I don't have Kitten anymore but I sometimes help people rehome cats and kittens should they need new loving homes.

These beautiful kittens were born to my maine coon cat , they were the first litter we had and they were stunning kittens. Bred at dog walking and pet care services.

Poppy's kittens she had..such beautiful maine coons.

These were poppys first ;litter of maine coon kittens they were so beautiful. At dog walking and pet care services.

Poppy and her beautiful kittens. They grew into super cats. Bred at dog walking and pet care services.

This is Lola my Ragdoll cat, she is stunning and she lives indoors. She really is stunning and so very loving. Lives at dog walking and pet care services.

Lola my Ragdoll...shes beautiful